Adventure Points

Adventure Points are a player currency that can be used to purchase a variety of perks. Adventure points are given for helping with the game and the campaign.

When you accumulate 10 points, you can exchange them for a roll in the Adventure Point d100 List. The points you earn don’t expire, but just as action points, they are meant to be spent.

The benefits you get can be used instantly, or you can save them indefinitely. Unless stated otherwise, benefits can be used as a free action (in and out of an encounter).

Ways to get Adventure Points

  • Sign up on Obsidian Portal and join the Below Ground Adventure Campaign – 5 pts.
  • Write your character’s background in Obsidian Portal (appropriate to the campaign) – 10 pts.
  • Read the pertinent Heroes of book (Fallen or Forgotten) – you don’t have to read the whole book, just your specific class and race, be thorough – 5 pts.
  • Provide an accurate (race, class, weapons, color, scale) miniature for your character – 3 pts. (4 bonus pts. for a hand painted figure (not factory painted))
  • Arrive on time to a D&D session, prepared with you character sheet, pen, paper, books, dice, etc. (time flexibility of ± 15 minutes) – 1 pt./session.
  • Take detailed notes about the development of the history – 2 pts./session.
  • Bring snacks (drinks/food) – 2 pts./session.
  • Edit/Write 2 wiki articles on Obsidian Portal – 2 pts. (reward can only be attained once a week)
  • Provide Logo/Background/Artwork for use on Obsidian Portal – 4 pts. (this has to be original artwork – no copyright infringements)
  • Coding/Apps/HTML for use on Obsidian Portal – 2 pts. (reward can only be attained once a week)
  • Spend $5 on RPG-related products (DDI/Character Builder, books, dice, costumes or props, power cards, etc.) – 1 pt./$5

Additionally, each player can reward another player up to 2 points per session. These can be given out for good role-playing, problem solving, tactics, creativity, and for humor and fun.

(Please note that some items are up to the DM’s discretion and any manipulation of the reward system that subverts the spirit of Adventure Points with be met with permanent disfigurement and owlbears.)

(Adapted from the Las Crónicas del Valle del Nentir campaign – Thank you!)

Adventure Points

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