Below Ground Adventures

The Iron Keep

Hatching a plan to get into the Iron Keep and face down the notorious leader, Nazin Redthorn, Madussa and Xione disguise themselves as Iron Circle soldiers and step up to the gate.

“Let us in, damn you!” shouts the eladrin ranger.

“Now who in all the hells are you?” challenges a voice. “I don’t recognize you. Whose your sergeant?”

“Damn it all, we were with Nazin during the battle!” Xione answers. “We got cutoff and are being chased by elves. Can’t you see they are shooting at us? Let us in.”

The eladrin is supporting another apparently wounded guard who moans weakly.

“Let ’em in,” comes a gruff reply. “Take ’em to the cleric.”

As the cleric(along with a spined devil and a couple tar devils) they were lead to start kicking Xione and Madussa’s arses, the rest of the merry band is out side the wall waiting for the secret door to be opened.

“Go fish”, says Gulkuli gruffly as Ghesh swears under his breath at his poor luck at cards.

“I wonder when they are going to get the darn door open?”, muses Gulkuli.

“AH, they are probably in there carousing it up with the guards, playing dice, drinking ale. You know how those nambi pambi elves are, they are probably drunk after 1 ale and couldn’t find their balls with both hands and a map. We are probably going to have to get them some aspri tree bark for their hang over in the morning. I just hope they can open the door while inebriated.”

“Me too!”, harumphed Gulkuli. “I want to join in if that is what they are doing. I’ll show them how dwarves drink”

“Well, lets go check the wall”, suggested Baltaen.

That turned out to be a poor decision. They didn’t put much forethought into how well sneaking up to a wall with a wagon sized dragonborn in metal armor would work out. Pherrennia finally decided to help, just as the doors were opened from the inside by Madussa.

Needless to say after some intense fighting by our daring duo in the Chapel, the group went and confronted Nazin and literally wiped the floor with him and his dark adept compatriot. The beheading of their leader and his skull being thrown from the roof top seemed to take most the fight out of the Iron circle.

The Avaricious Menagerie, wins the day albeit in an unorthodox fashion;-)



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