Below Ground Adventures

The Battle of Albridge

Img 0478 If the Iron Circle thought the Company of the Avaricious Menagerie was going to roll over and hand them this town, they were sorely mistaken. A sulking mage, two *pitch devils?* and a handful of mercenaries had made their way into town. This simply would not do. The heroes attacked immediately, laying waste to the mage and his minions quickly, then cleaning up the rest.

Img 0479

They stood at the base of the hill, the sweetgrass swaying in the gentle afternoon breeze. The peace was in stark contrast to what they knew would be next. Xione burst across the plain towards the gathered Iron Circle men as Madussa sprinted for the tallest tree to obtain a better vector on their foes. With the heroes, a small band of men dispatch unto them including Nazin Redthorn, their captain. Pherrennia, yelling over her shoulder as she begins her charge “Flank them *citation needed* !” The peace of the afternoon was broken by the sound of steel and the smell of blood.

Img 0480
Img 0484
Img 0483a


A new choice appeared before the party. Should we return and tell the woodsingers of the success in clearing the evil, or peruse the dark unknowns behind the double doors leading south? Ever in search of something new, Pherrinnia decides instantly that the southern passage must be explored. Since the adventurers all seem intent on exploration, there is no need to convince the group to proceed. “Besides,” she thinks, “I am too beautiful to die…”

The Battle of Albridge

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The Battle of Albridge

I REALLY like the sky in the background of the one ground level pic of the game board;-)

The Battle of Albridge

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