Below Ground Adventures


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Anarus the headless

Traevus would pay, vowed Pherrinnia. He had drugged her, likely kidnapped and poisoned Sareth and made off with the box he had hired her to recover in the first place. If only she could regain her balance and stop retching she would catch that miserable little creature and make him pay.

The Iron Keep

Hatching a plan to get into the Iron Keep and face down the notorious leader, Nazin Redthorn, Madussa and Xione disguise themselves as Iron Circle soldiers and step up to the gate.

“Let us in, damn you!” shouts the eladrin ranger.

“Now who in all the hells are you?” challenges a voice. “I don’t recognize you. Whose your sergeant?”

“Damn it all, we were with Nazin during the battle!” Xione answers. “We got cutoff and are being chased by elves. Can’t you see they are shooting at us? Let us in.”

The eladrin is supporting another apparently wounded guard who moans weakly.

“Let ’em in,” comes a gruff reply. “Take ’em to the cleric.”

As the cleric(along with a spined devil and a couple tar devils) they were lead to start kicking Xione and Madussa’s arses, the rest of the merry band is out side the wall waiting for the secret door to be opened.

“Go fish”, says Gulkuli gruffly as Ghesh swears under his breath at his poor luck at cards.

“I wonder when they are going to get the darn door open?”, muses Gulkuli.

“AH, they are probably in there carousing it up with the guards, playing dice, drinking ale. You know how those nambi pambi elves are, they are probably drunk after 1 ale and couldn’t find their balls with both hands and a map. We are probably going to have to get them some aspri tree bark for their hang over in the morning. I just hope they can open the door while inebriated.”

“Me too!”, harumphed Gulkuli. “I want to join in if that is what they are doing. I’ll show them how dwarves drink”

“Well, lets go check the wall”, suggested Baltaen.

That turned out to be a poor decision. They didn’t put much forethought into how well sneaking up to a wall with a wagon sized dragonborn in metal armor would work out. Pherrennia finally decided to help, just as the doors were opened from the inside by Madussa.

Needless to say after some intense fighting by our daring duo in the Chapel, the group went and confronted Nazin and literally wiped the floor with him and his dark adept compatriot. The beheading of their leader and his skull being thrown from the roof top seemed to take most the fight out of the Iron circle.

The Avaricious Menagerie, wins the day albeit in an unorthodox fashion;-)

The Battle of Albridge

Img 0478 If the Iron Circle thought the Company of the Avaricious Menagerie was going to roll over and hand them this town, they were sorely mistaken. A sulking mage, two *pitch devils?* and a handful of mercenaries had made their way into town. This simply would not do. The heroes attacked immediately, laying waste to the mage and his minions quickly, then cleaning up the rest.

Img 0479

They stood at the base of the hill, the sweetgrass swaying in the gentle afternoon breeze. The peace was in stark contrast to what they knew would be next. Xione burst across the plain towards the gathered Iron Circle men as Madussa sprinted for the tallest tree to obtain a better vector on their foes. With the heroes, a small band of men dispatch unto them including Nazin Redthorn, their captain. Pherrennia, yelling over her shoulder as she begins her charge “Flank them *citation needed* !” The peace of the afternoon was broken by the sound of steel and the smell of blood.

Img 0480
Img 0484
Img 0483a

Up a tree...

The heroes exit the now cleared laboratory near the ruins of Dal Nystiere, using the portal to travel along the Feywild back to the Harken Forest.

Once back in the woods the Menagerie decided to head back to the Woodsinger elves. On the return, the noticed a Silver haired, foreign Elf observing them. Demon squirrelApparently he was sent here to track a vile Owl-bear that was near the party’s location and conveniently along the way to the Elves. Shortly there after they came across a emaciated gnome wearing Mithridain robes, that had been treed by the Owl-bear. A VICIOUS fight ensued. MAN are Owl-bears tough. they can take a licking. The party was accosted by 2 seemingly rabid squirrels, obviously being controlled by something unseen. Pherrinnia managed to knock out the vermin attacking her. Part way through the encounter a wandering group of Kenu birdmen joined the fray, along with their pet Cockatrice. After an extensive battle The Menagerie prevailed. Unfortunately, the demon squirrels could not be dissuaded and required a timely end. p.

The heroes were paid a visit from an avatar of the god *citation needed* and each given a special item. Except for Ghesh who was given his life instead.

They then secured the help of the elves in the upcoming conflict with the iron circle.
The group then continued on toward the resistance’s headquarters. A scout comes upon them beseeching their help as the battle is commencing soon. THE IRON CIRCLE is engaging the resistance. Thus the end starts….for good or ill.

The Necroshard

Carefully Dysheez examined the door for traps – a wire, a strange catch or unusual indentation, anything that might give the indication that the door was not as simple as it appeared to be.

“Nothing,” muttered the drow thief. He was sure there had to be something, but the door was just a door. Still Dysheez was wary and as he retreated to his place behind the heavily armored figures of Ghesh and Gulkuli he knew he had done his job. There were no traps, but just in case he wasn’t going in first. Let those whose job it was to be hit take the risk, he was where he was supposed to be, in the back and that was okay with him.

Find the Woodsinger Elves

The party decided to take Adalbar the Hunter’s advice and headed south towards the Harken Forest to locate, and hopefully gain the assistance of, the Woodsinger elves. They traveled through the rain, keeping the hills to the east and staying off the main roads. As the heavy rainclouds sank to the ground, the heroes found themselves facing an abandoned farm as it loomed up at them from the fog. Trying to get their bearings, the group spotted a lantern bobbing through the murkiness.

“There they are captain! Get them!” shouted an evil looking woman, who was flanked by two Iron Circle mercenaries holding crossbows.

Ambush on the Easthill Road

Img 0446As suggested by the resistance leader *need name*, the company decided they would help by raising a ruckus at the local pub. The Iron Circle had no idea what was about to interrupt their evening drinking. The adventurers burst into the inn from both the front, and back doors, dispatching the internal mercenaries. Madussa broke the window from outside and shot arrows inward on the surprised Iron Circlemen. The fight moved outside as more mercenaries arrived to assist their friends. When the dust had cleared, all but one were dead, and the lucky one was running as fast and far as he could away.

The Resistance leader *need name* let the company know of a caravan of Iron Circle supplies traveling from Easthill the following day. The adventurers rested, then set out to terrorize the mercenaries once more.

The adventurers waited in the forest along the road out of Easthill as the wagon slowly approached the point where they lay in ambush. The old cart horse drew behind her a heavily guarded supply wagon.

Four guards of the Iron Circle with crossbows ready scanned the forest for trouble, while another man clad in a red surcoat trimmed in gold conducted the laden cart. Finally, a strange clockwork hound scouted ahead of vehicle it’s red eyes flashing from tree to bush.

Clearing the Toadwallow Caverns

After clearing the Toadwallow Caverns of the initial guards the party moved deeper into the darkness. Looming out of the gloom in the center of a large area rose the skull of some long dead dragon, and peering out of one of the hollow eyes was the Mudhide chieftain Gloorpk. The bullywug leader let out a loud croak and his hidden amphibian guards leapt up to defend their chief.

Several croaking defenders came at the heroes belching foul vapors – attempting to poison the whole lot of them as they were bunched up in the narrow passageways. The adventures proved hardy and most were unaffected by the croaking attack. The bullywug leader stayed safely inside the dragon skull casting magics of fire, cold lightning and magical force at the heroes.

Fallcrest then on to Harkenwold

Upon ending the terrors of the Twisting Halls and with the box in hand, the heroes return to Fallcrest to seek out Traevus and confront him with their new found knowledge and gain that reward offered to them.

Before finding the dwarf merchant, the party stopped to sell some of the treasure gained from those halls, and to buy both information and supplies. The group decided that Baltaen needed a hand crossbow of goodly quality and therefore purchased one from Orest Naerumar’s shop in the high town part of Fallcrest.

Finally, setting their feet to the Nentir Inn, the adventurers locate Traevus. He motions the party over, offers them beer and they converse about the recent events of the heroes.


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